How to take care of your eyes in autumn

Autumn is finally here and its weather changes can sometimes have an impact on your eyes. Here’s a handy guide of tips on how to manage autumnal weather when you wear contact lenses.

How to take care of your eyes in autumn

From your wardrobe and after-work plans to your eyes and everything in between: a new season always requires a lot of adjusting. Waving goodbye to the long, summer days and saying hello to the shorter and darker season of autumn, plus those itchy, dry eyes aren't always easy. But fear not; our handy guide of tips on how to manage autumnal weather and contact lenses while soothing any symptoms has you covered.

Itchy, watery eyes

Autumn often brings along an uninvited guest we could all do without: hay fever. Between brown leaves falling and blasts of wind, your eyes don't get time to breathe. Equally, not looking after your eyes properly in the cold weather can also cause them to dry out.

Here are our tips for contact lens pros and enthused beginners to end the watery autumn itch:

  • Stay room temperature-perfect: It's getting chillier outside, so blasting the air conditioner on hot might seem like the best way to stay warm and cosy. Sadly, this isn’t a great idea for your eyes, and can quickly dry them out, making your contact lenses feel uncomfortable. Reach for a snug blanket or chunky knit instead, believe us - your eyes (and your electricity bill) will thank you!
  • Treat your dry eyes: If you do want to soldier on with the air conditioning, or embrace breezy walks without any discomfort, you can swiftly fight the dryness with treatments like eye drops or gels. everclear Eye Drops are especially effective, with a gentle formula of herbal, natural ingredients providing speedy and soothing relief. Contact lens wearers can also use eye drops to give their lenses a refresh (always check to see which ones yours are compatible with). Keep a bottle in your bag, so you’re always armed to protect your eyes when all itchy hell breaks loose.
  • Clean up: Keep all allergens and dust particles at bay by wiping your shelves with a damp cloth, changing your bed sheets and washing your clothes regularly.
  • See your GP more often: If you experience chronic pain, hay fever, fatigue or dry eyes, staying in touch with your doctor is key. There might be an underlying cause for some of the symptoms you’re experiencing, and getting a quick diagnosis is the best way forward.

Rest your eyes

Tiredness has an impact on the entire body, but your eyes are the first to signal it. Eye fatigue can be such a pain, so here are some things to do to keep it at bay:

  • The 20/20/20 rule: Digital strain is the main cause of eye fatigue and the easiest way of combating it is by taking 20 seconds every 20 minutes to let your eyes focus on something 20 feet away from your screen. Try to take your lunch break away from your computer and put your phone away 30 minutes before going to bed, in order to let your eyes rest properly.
  • Get enough sleep: Make sure to get your beauty sleep every night and don't push to watch that extra episode on Netflix; your body needs all the rest it can get. Remember that sleeping with your contact lenses in is also a big no-no, as this can cause dry and itchy eyes, too. For those with packed schedules, who want to doze off every night without worry, extended wear lenses, which can be slept in stress-free, will do the trick. Sounds appealing? Visit your optician for an eye test to find out if this is a good solution for you.
  • Be caffeine-conscious: The daily recommended amount of 400mg of coffee, when consumed in the morning, has been proven to do wonders for your vision. It's veering off when all the troubles start, as too much coffee can damage your eyesight by increasing pressure in your eyes, possibly increasing your risk of glaucoma down the line.
  • Move those eye muscles: To help tired, agitated eyes feel more comfortable at the end of the day, or to give them a boost during an afternoon slump, try out some eye exercises. These super-easy techniques will relax your eyes, improve circulation and strengthen your eye muscles.

Cover the basics

  • Switch to dailies: During hayfever season and at a time when your eyes get drier much easier, opting for daily contact lenses can solve all your problems. As you throw these lenses away before bed and wear a fresh, new pair every day, you don’t have to worry about pollen build-ups irritating your eyes. Our opticians recommend everclear ADM, particularly for those with sensitive eyes who want to make the most of the season, symptom-free. Convenient, affordable, and hygienic, these dailies are the answer to enjoying autumn without the hassle.
  • Don't overwear your lenses: As the day gets busy, you might be tempted to put off taking your contact lenses out - but trust us, it's not worth it! If you're wearing monthlies or two-weeklies, it’s essential to stick to your eye care routine and store your lenses in solution every night. When you're on the go with your longer wearing pattern lenses, our compact Monthly Essentials Kit, with everclear REFRESH All In One Solution and a Vision Direct lens case can help you manage everything easy-peasy.
  • Are you still wearing the right lenses for your lifestyle? As the days get colder and busier, the pattern or materials of your lenses might not be able to keep up with your autumn lifestyle. When lenses start feeling different, talk to your optician or a member of our friendly customer service team for advice. You don't have to put up with uncomfortable lenses - there's always an easy fix. Contact lenses designed from silicone hydrogel are especially excellent for keeping your eyes hydrated - and feeling healthy and comfy, as this material allows plenty of oxygen to reach them.
  • Don't rub your eyes: Whatever happens, whatever you do: don't rub your eyes. Rubbing will make your eyelids even more sensitive and can misplace your lens, causing discomfort. If you’re wondering if a contact lens can get stuck behind your eye, the good news is no!
  • Protect them from the elements: Even when the weather is grey and blustery, sun rays can still damage your eyes. Going for contact lenses, with an in-built UV contact lenses is a good move to protect them from harm and possible eye conditions in the future.

About everclear ADM

Exclusive to Vision Direct, everclear ADM lenses are a fantastically hygienic and comfortable option. Designed from moisturising silicone hydrogel and with a high water content, they'll keep your eyes feeling fresh and hydrated from breakfast to bedtime. Perfect for new and more seasoned wearers, these lenses also have an in-built UV filter, protecting your eyes from harmful rays during autumn and beyond.

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