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What contact lens hygiene products do we stock?

Vision Direct Contact Lens Case, , primary

Vision Direct Contact Lens Case

This convenient and colourful case is perfect for storing your contact lenses in overnight. All you need to do for comfortable and clean lenses is rinse out your case each night, fill with fresh solution and pop your lenses in until the morning. The result is fresh feeling lenses that are ready to be worn the next day. At just 99p, this bright and portable case is the best choice for your storage needs.

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Blephasol, , primary


If you suffer from blephatitis- an inflammation of your eyelid- wearing contact lenses can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable. However, you needn’t stop wearing lenses, as Blephasol lotion will soothe any soreness around your eyelids, providing you with relief and ensuring that your contacts are comfy for the rest of the day.

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Blephaclean, , primary


These preservative-free, sterile wipes are perfect for treating the symptoms of blephatitis, soothing the irritation of the eyelids caused by the condition. As a wipe, Blephaclean is super easy to use and provides instant relief, using natural ingredients that hydrate and smooth the skin around your eyes. Each pack contains 20 wipes and fits easily into handbag, making it easy to treat itchy eyes wherever you are.

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Blephagel Hypoallergenic Gel, , primary

Blephagel Hyopallergenic Gel

Blephatitis can make a contact lens wearer’s life difficult, making your eyelids irritated and extra sensitive so that they cause discomfort each time you blink. Thankfully, Blephagel provides instant, easy relief, with a hypoallergenic formula that treats the affected areas without disturbing any other part of your skin. If inflamed eyelids are a regular problem for you then it might be worth trying to use this gel overnight so you can wake up with fresh feeling and comfortable eyes.

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Total Care Contact Lens Case, , primary

Total Care Contact Lens Case

If you wear RGP lenses, then you might be familiar with the Total Care range. This contact lens case is designed to complement Total Care solution products and is perfect for storing your lenses in overnight so they stay sterile and comfortable. This case includes specially-designed pincers to make retrieving your lenses from your case as hygienic and easy as possible.

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