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Why are eye wash and sprays important?

Itchy eyes can make wearing contact lenses hard work, but eye wash for dry eyes is perfect for re-hydrating and adding moisture. This soothes any discomfort caused so you can go back to enjoying your lenses in comfort.

Some people don’t like using eye drops, finding them hard to apply and that they can sometimes be wasteful. Eye wash and sprays ensure that you get good coverage of the whole eye, making the most of the solution and providing plenty of moisture to keep your eyes feeling fresh and healthy right up to the end of the day.

Easy to use and carry around, eye washes and sprays are a handy way of treating symptoms of dry eyes. The refreshing spray also has a pleasant feeling as you use it, working with the solution to soothe your eyes instantly and enough to last all day.

What conditions can using eye wash and sprays help to prevent?

Using eye wash and sprays will help to treat the discomfort caused by dry eyes, but it won’t stop eye conditions from developing, nor will it cure any that you have already got. What they are effective at is treating the symptoms of dry eye syndrome, providing you with relief and comfort so that you can wear contact lenses for the entire day.

If you’re experiencing serious discomfort or regularly experiencing dry eyes, you should visit a doctor or eye care professional. They can then identify what the problem is and the right course of treatment.

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