everclear ADM
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everclear ELITE
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everclear AIR
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everclear UV
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everclear PLUS
€21.99 €13.99

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everclear history

everclear is a range of monthly, two weekly and daily contact lenses, solutions and eye drops exclusive to Vision Direct. In recent years the brand has branched out of the popular Aura range of contact lenses. Today you can no longer buy Aura branded products. However, the old lenses you love are here, new and improved, under the distinctive everclear branding.

If you previously wore Aura, the wide everclear range will suit your needs. For instance, Aura ADM wearers will find an ideal replacement in everclear ADM. On the other hand, everclear UV is suitable for wearers of Aura UV. If you’re considering wearing everclear lenses but are unsure which lenses are similar to your Aura lenses please refer to the information tab for each individual product.

2011 - Aura UV is launched as an alternative affordable lens to what was then available. Manufactured by R&L Vision, Aura UV featured innovative Edge-Lift technology, which allowed more oxygen to pass to eye than many other lenses. Aura UV was particularly well known for keeping the corners of the eyes moist.

2012 - Launched in 2012, Aura ADM was attractively priced, and in various ways was comparable to existing lenses, but they had the advantage of being treated with a special hydrogel solution for increased comfort. This meant users favoured them over many other daily lenses.

2017 - The whole range is revamped and renamed everclear. everclear is available exclusively on Vision Direct.

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