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What are the benefits of using multi-purpose solutions?

As an all-in-one package, multi-purpose solutions are suitable for all aspects of contact lens care whether it's cleaning, re-wetting, or storing them overnight.

While cleaning your lenses at the end of each day is often enough, if you suffer from dry eyes you may find your contact lenses can be slightly irritating during the day. At this point, you can take your lenses out, clean and re-wet them using multi-purpose solution and pop them back in for a more comfortable feeling for the rest of the day. This works just as well for daily lenses, so a bottle of multi-purpose solution comes in handy even if you're not a monthly or weekly wearer.

Once you've cleaned your lenses it's important not to undo all your good work and to make sure you store your lenses correctly. You can use multi-purpose solution to fill up your contact lens case and keep your lenses in it overnight so that they stay in the right shape and are comfortable to apply the next day.

Multi-purpose solutions our customers love

everclear Flat Pack Multi-Purpose solution – pack of 3, , primary

everclear Multi-Purpose solution 3-pack

Coming in a pack of 3 letter-box friendly bottles for easy delivery, this solution is exclusive to Vision Direct and is perfect for all your contact lens care needs. everclear Multi-Purpose destroys germs and removes dirt or stains for lenses that feel comfortable for the entire wear time.

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Renu MPS Multi-Purpose Solution Flat Pack - 3 pack, , primary

Renu MPS Multi-Purpose Solution Flat Pack

Manufactured by optical pioneers Bausch & Lomb, this winning formula was the first multi-purpose solution ever used and remains popular to the present day. Available a useful 3-pack, these bottles are designed to fit easily through the letterbox, ensuring convenient delivery.

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Opti-Free Express Duo Pack, , primary

Opti-Free Express Duo Pack

This multi-purpose solution comes in packs of two and is manufactured by leading contact lens manufacturer Alcon. It’s designed to care for your lenses overnight so that they feel exceptionally comfortable for the entirety of the next day.

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everclear Flat Pack Multi-Purpose solution, , primary

Everclear Flat Pack Multi-Purpose solution

Everclear Flat Pack Multi-Purpose is exclusive to Vision Direct and destroys dirt, make-up or any other debris from the surface of your lenses with ease. This solution comes in a bottle that is perfect for easy delivery and holds 250ml of liquid.

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Renu MPS Multi-Purpose Solution, , primary

Renu MPS Multi-Purpose solution 3-pack

This solution gently cleans your lenses so that they, in turn, feel comfortable while you're wearing them. Manufactured by Bausch & Lomb, one of the world's largest suppliers of contact lenses, this pack of 3x240ml bottles will give you enough solution to last for up to 3 months.

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