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What are the benefits of using gas permeable contact lens solutions?

Gas permeable solutions are the only kind that are suitable for disinfecting and cleaning your RGP lenses. In particular, multi-purpose gas permeable solutions make maintaining your lenses quick and simple; it only takes a wipe clean, a rinse and they’re ready to store. You don’t need to worry about finding the right solution for each stage of the process, just use one bottle of all-in-one gas permeable contact solution for everything.

Going through this care routine once a day is generally enough but, if you suffer from dry eyes, you might find that your eyes can start to get slightly irritated as the day goes on. If this happens, just take them out for a bit, give your eyes a short rest and re-wet your lenses using gas permeable contact lenses solution to enjoy a more comfortable feeling.

Boston Advance Multipack, , primary

Boston Advance Multipack

Made by leading manufacturer, Bausch & Lomb, Boston Advance Multipack is a multipurpose cleaning and condition solution designed especially for RGP lenses. This two-step package provides you with all the products you need to thoroughly remove dirt from your lenses. It also uses a multi-polymer cushioning system designed to prevent your eyes from experiencing irritation.

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Total Care Wetting, , primary

Total Care Wetting Solution

This two-part RGP lens wetting solution adds an extra layer of comfort to your lenses. Removing all dirt and germs from your lenses, it ensures that they’ll stay comfortable for hours at a time. Once you’ve finished cleaning your lenses, store them in Total Care wetting fluid for comfortable and fresh-feeling lenses all day.

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Delta Multipack, , primary

Sauflon Delta Multipack

Sauflon Delta Multipack cleans and disinfects rigid gas permeable lenses thoroughly for a healthy and comfortable feeling when you next wear your lenses. The two-part lens care product will provide added moisture to your lenses for long lasting comfort, including a Daily Cleaner and DSW solution for storing your lenses overnight, keeping your lenses feeling like they’re brand new.

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Boston Simplus, , primary

Boston Simplus

Boston Simplus solution takes the hard work out of your lens care routine, offering an all-in-one solution that cleans, disinfects, and stores your contacts. This multi-purpose solution is suitable for removing dirt from RGP lenses as well as adding a cushioning layer to keep them feeling as comfortable as possible. This convenient solution cares for your lenses overnight, keeping them in the right shape and feeling comfortable for the entire next day.

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Regard K RGP contact lens solution 3 Month Pack, , primary

Regard K RGP contact lens solutions 3 Month Pack

This preservative-free, gas permeable solution is an excellent choice for keeping your eyes feeling fresh while you wear your lenses. It uses the disinfectant OxyChlorite™ which releases oxygen to your eyes over the course of the day so they remain looking white and healthy. For cleaning, this solution is so effective that you shouldn’t ever need to use a protein removal tablet to remove even the toughest bits of dirt.

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