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What are the benefits of using contact lens cleaners & saline solutions?

Cleaning your contact lenses is essential to using them on a monthly or weekly wearing pattern safe and comfortable. Using a contact lens cleaner makes sure that they feel right in your eyes, while providing clear vision all the time.

Using contact lens saline solution ensures that your lenses stay in the best condition, caring for them as you store them while you sleep. It’s also particularly effective for rinsing off any protein build-ups which may naturally occur from using your lenses for several hours a day.

Our most popular contact lens cleaners & saline solutions

Oté Clean (Crystal Cleaner replacement), , primary

Oté Clean (Crystal Cleaner replacement)

Oté Clean gives your lenses a deep clean using a formula made up of ordinary alcohol and non-ionic compounds. These react with dirt from proteins as well as other types of debris to remove them completely from your lens surface. Combined with the preservative Polyhexanide Biguanide, this winning solution leaves your lenses fresh and ready to use each morning.

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Lens Plus Ocupure Saline Large, , primary

Lens Plus Ocupure Saline Large

This healthy 360ml helping of saline solution is suitable for rinsing and storing both RGP and soft contact lenses. With the same pH level as substances in the eye, it helps your lenses to provide a natural feeling level of comfort and can be combined with protein dissolving tablets for a deeper clean.

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Sensitive Eyes, , primary

Sensitive Eyes

Optical pioneers Bausch & Lomb produce Sensitive Eyes, a gentle solution that’s perfect for rinsing your contacts after disinfecting them. It combines well with multi-purpose solutions like Everclear Multi-Purpose to keep your contact lenses moist and comfortable and works with your natural tears to fight germs away for healthy eyes.

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Ultrazyme Universal, , primary

Ultrazyme Universal

Designed to remove the build-up of proteins that come from everyday wear, these cleaning tablets are ideal for clearing your lenses so that they provide optimum levels of vision and a fresh feeling. Ultrazyme Universal are meant to be dissolved in your cleaning solution, to give it an extra boost that helps to remove dirt more effectively.

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