Sports contact lenses: why use them?

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or enjoy a more sporadic sporting schedule, opting for contact lenses over your specs is undoubtedly an all-round winning formula. Guaranteed to knock your expectations out of the park - lenses not only provide a snug and comfortable fit, but also a wider field of vision, and of course, a much better level of safety. Like the sound of that? Then let’s take a deeper dive into this corrective eyewear’s pool of perks.

Advantages of exercising with contact lenses

Better peripheral vision: As lenses sit directly on each eye, you're teed up for seamless, peripheral vision, regardless of where you look - and can enjoy a wider field of view while never missing a move. 

Increased safety: Most sports, and all extreme sports which involve more physical activity can be especially dangerous when wearing eyeglasses instead of lenses, possibly causing an eye injury if you're hit in a tackle, or by a ball. 

Freedom and comfort: Forget the fog and stop the slipping - lenses never need to be adjusted in the middle of a match and won’t ever steam up, so you can just get on with the game. 

Clean and clear sight: Don’t let weather conditions or elements like dust, grass, or snow hold you back from reaching your goals, as lenses give you the best vision correction for your best performance. 

Compatible with sports gear: If your go-to sport involves a helmet, headgear or goggles, just pair it/ them with your lenses, and you’re all set.  

Additional UV protection: Throughout the seasons, your peepers need protection from harmful sun rays, and with many lenses featuring in-built UV protection, they really are a complete no-brainer! 

Hear why sporty people swear by contact lenses

“Initially I was a little apprehensive about switching from glasses to contact lenses, but my glasses were really annoying me by always fogging up in the gym and sliding down my nose. Now that I use them regularly, I don’t think I could ever go back to wearing my glasses permanently. I love these lenses - they feel super-comfy, no matter what I’m up to.”
Sarah (04/01/2021)

“I don’t wear lenses very often, usually only for sport, as I find them much better for cycling, football and going to the gym than my glasses. Dailies give me the freedom to store a couple of boxes at home for when I need them, and if they get dirty during a match, I can just take them out, and put a fresh pair in.”
Harry (09/01/2021)

Hear why sporty people swear by contact lenses

Myths of wearing contact lenses for sport

It’s time to cast all the myths and urban legends aside and show you how contact lenses are the most comfortable and safest vision-correcting method out there, especially if you play sports.

  • Lenses can fall out of your eye: Although this might happen, it’s highly unlikely given that soft lenses are moulded perfectly to the eyeball.
  • Lenses dry out when exercising outdoors: While it’s true that some alfresco activities, involving speed like cycling, mountain biking and trail running, may cause your lenses to dry out - this problem can be swiftly solved with the help of eye drops and wraparound glasses - easy! everclear Eye Drops featuring an effective and gentle formula work wonders for even the most sensitive peepers.
  • A lens can get stuck behind your eye: A common misconception is that it's possible to lose a lens behind your eye, but as the experts in all things eyewear and care, we can confidently say that this is just a myth. Despite the eyes being the most delicate parts of your body, they’re also ultra-protected, so any foreign objects are washed away by tears or pushed out in a jiffy.
  • Lenses can damage the eye if you’re hit: If you do happen to be hit directly in the eye, contact lenses are still a lot safer than a pair of specs. In fact, modern lenses are created from incredibly light, soft and smooth materials that won’t cause any damage at all - score!
  • It’s expensive to get lenses for sport: False - lenses like dailies are super cost-effective, as you can buy a pack of 30 to wear whenever you want, without any waste. Our opticians recommend everclear ELITE - premium, mega-breathable and hydrating lenses for incredible value. Why not test the waters and give our free 5-day trial pack a go now?
  • Lenses require too much care: Monthly lenses do need to be stored and cleaned in solution, but if you switch to daily disposables, they’re 100% maintenance-free! Pop them in for a session, and pre-shower, throw them away - no fuss, no solution, and no case needed. 

Try everclear ELITE

Exclusive to Vision Direct, everclear ELITE lenses are super-comfy and convenient, with an ultra-hydrating formula to lock in moisture throughout your day. These daily disposable lenses, made with silicone hydrogel material, allow oxygen to pass through to your eyes, so they stay and look healthy for up to 12 hours. Wearers with dry eyes will benefit from the hydrophilic design, formulated to put an end to irritations and stop any itchiness. Plus, UV blocking offers an extra layer of defence against harmful sun rays.

What sports work well with contact lenses?

Check out the sports that pair perfectly with your lenses and will transform each experience for the better.

Contact lenses for football, volleyball, basketball and rugby

In team games and contact sports, anything can happen, and as these particular unpredictable types of sports pose such a high risk of impact and injuries, it just isn’t practical to wear glasses. It’s possible that they’ll fall off your face or worse, damage your eye - making lenses a more practical method of correcting your vision problems, on and off the pitch.

Jogging, running and gym with contact lenses

Whether you enjoy an occasional jog around your local park or are fully committed to your training routine, and work-out frequently, wearing contact lenses could improve performance greatly. Wearing lenses will allow you to be more agile, and run, lift weights or use exercise machines without the worry of glasses slipping down, bouncing around or fogging-up. Just focus on your workout and go the extra mile with contact lenses!

Contact lenses for tennis, squash and badminton

Racquet games are all about precision, and if you want to be able to track and hit the ball, with accuracy, lenses offer that wider field of view, with zero restrictions. By snuggly sitting on your eye, each lens allows you to see clearly and act immediately.

Contact lenses for cycling and mountain biking

When you hit the road or mountain with your bike, it’s crucial to have perfect vision, so you can react to obstacles like rocks, curves, rain, or sun glare in a flash. Lenses remain unaffected by conditions, meaning nothing will ever obstruct your view either. Plus, headgear, helmets and sunglasses can be worn with your lenses, no problemo.

Contact lenses for water sports

Lenses and water don’t mix, and if you’re about to head for a swim, scuba diving, or to wash off after a workout, make sure you always take them out. Water, whether it’s from the swimming pool, sea or a river, contains an array of nasty germs and bacteria, which can easily contaminate your lenses, leading to all sorts of uncomfortable eye infections.

Contact lenses for skiing

If you enjoy dabbling in skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports you’ll know that glasses get in the way. To avoid investing in some expensive, prescription goggles - simply use lenses, with an in-built UV filter, and a normal set of goggles instead. 

Contact lenses for motorsports

Petrolheads wanting to take it up a gear should leave the glasses at home, and pair their helmet, visor, and goggles, with lenses. No matter how smokey it gets on the course, your nifty lenses will remain crystal-clear.

Contact lenses for extreme sports

For adrenaline addicts, lenses couldn’t be a more suitable choice, as extreme sports like skateboarding, rock climbing, and bungee jumping can be potentially dangerous, even more so if you’re wearing glasses. Rather switch to the safety of lenses, and continue embracing the thrill.

What are the best contact lenses for sport?

Tempted to try out contact lenses, but unsure of where to begin? We’re super-excited to show you the ropes, but you’ll just need to chat to your optometrist before you get started to see if this is the correct course of action for you.

The best choice: soft daily disposable contact lenses

Get off to a flying start and fix your vision problems with soft daily disposable lenses. Manufactured to offer a more stable fit than a semi-rigid design, these lenses are breathable, keeping your eyes fresh and healthy whatever the activity. Constant hydration and hygiene is a guarantee, and they can be thrown away after a session, and prevent a build-up of nasty deposits. Plus, a pack of 30 can last you longer than a month if you don’t wear them every day - ka-ching! 

Want to wear them more often? Switch to a longer-wearing pattern

If you enjoy daily lenses and want to wear them for longer, then two-weekly or monthly contact lenses are an alternative option. Once you've correctly mastered the cleaning and storing routine every night, this longer-wearing pattern, although more maintenance, will be a breeze. Kit yourself out with the multi-purpose everclear REFRESH All In One Solution and a durable Vision Direct contact lens case to stay ahead of the game.

Exercising outdoors? Ensure your lenses have UV protection

Exercising outdoors is great for your overall well being, but not so much for your eyes! Luckily, lenses can offer that added level of protection from harmful sun rays, protecting them while you perfect your athletic skills. Our active customers love daily lenses like everclear ELITE, 1 Day Acuvue Moist, 1 Day Acuvue Trueye, Biomedics 1 Day Extra and MyDay.

Swimming with contact lenses

Now we know you might be raring to take a dunk in the pool, but we have a couple of pointers for you before you backflip off the board. You might be asking: Can I swim with contact lenses? Our experts generally don't recommend using contact lenses for water sports, as contacts are more susceptible to bacteria in the water, causing eye infections. If you do need to swim, we recommend pairing daily disposable lenses with tight-fitting waterproof swimming goggles, or buying prescription goggles. Just be sure to throw lenses away as soon as you’re out of the pool.

Extra effort requires extra hydration—Use eye drops

Contact lens wearers! Don’t let dry eyes call the shots during your workouts, or fitness festivities - instead keep them hydrated with eye drops to revel in high-level performance and unbeatable vision. Remember that drinking water can make a difference too, as well as incorporating certain foods for eye health that are high in omega-3 fatty acids to increase tear production. Breakfast smoothies packed with fruits and delicious dishes, with fresh fish, and veggies will also prep you and your peepers up for greatness - promise!

Sports stars who wear contact lenses

Believe it or not, sports stars also suffer from vision problems and many of them choose the comfort and convenience of contact lenses.

  • Andrés Iniesta - Spanish football Player
  • Novak Djokovic - Serbian tennis player
  • Cristiano Ronaldo - Portuguese football player
  • Paul Scholes - English former football player
  • Venus Williams - American tennis player
  • De Gea - Spanish football player
  • Kevin Durant - American basketball player
Sports stars who wear contact lenses