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What are the benefits of using contact lens solution?

Contact solutions are essential if you wear monthly or weekly lenses. They’re the only way to guarantee that your lenses are hygienic to wear and that your eyes stay healthy and comfortable while you’re wearing them.

Over the course of the day, it’s only normal that your lenses will accumulate dirt and debris and protein deposits may build up. Not only can this irritate your eyes, but it can also obscure your vision. Regularly cleaning your lenses is the only way to ensure perfectly clear eyesight, free from discomfort.

Storing your lenses in solution guarantees that they stay sterile, correctly shaped and properly hydrated. The chemicals contained in solutions are specifically compatible with the material of your contact lenses to keep them in top condition and so water will not do as an alternative.

Multi-purpose solution can even be good for daily contact lenses. Although they don’t need to be stored each night in solution, you can use it to clean or rewet them during the day should you experience any irritation or if any dirt builds-up.

Our most popular contact lens solutions

everclear Flat Pack Multi-Purpose solution – pack of 3, , primary

Everclear Flat Pack Multi-Purpose solution-pack of 3

This multi-purpose solution, exclusive to Vision Direct, is a gentle and effective all-in-one solution that’s perfect for caring for soft contact lenses. Coming in a handy 3-pack, this offers excellent value for money and is shaped for convenient delivery that fits easily through the letterbox.

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Renu MPS Multi-Purpose Solution Flat Pack - 3 pack, , primary

Renu MPS Multi-Purpose Solution Flat Pack

Manufactured by optical pioneers Bausch & Lomb, this winning formula was the first multi-purpose solution ever used and remains popular to the present day. Available a useful 3-pack, these bottles are designed to fit easily through the letterbox, ensuring convenient delivery.

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Opti-Free Express Duo Pack, , primary

Opti-Free Express Duo Pack

This multi-purpose solution comes in packs of two and is manufactured by leading contact lens manufacturer Alcon. It’s designed to care for your lenses overnight so that they feel exceptionally comfortable for the entirety of the next day.

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Oxysept 1 Step, , primary

Oxysept 1 Step

This hydrogen peroxide based solution simple and effective when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses. Combining solution and tablets, Oxyspet 1 Step is a thorough way of removing any impurities from soft lenses.

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everclear Flat Pack Multi-Purpose solution, , primary

Everclear Flat Pack Multi-Purpose solution

Everclear Flat Pack Multi-Purpose is exclusive to Vision Direct and destroys dirt, make-up or any other debris from the surface of your lenses with ease. This solution comes in a bottle that is perfect for easy delivery and holds 250ml of liquid.

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