Ordering Contact Lenses by Post

It is easy and convenient to order your lenses by post. Once you have a copy of your prescription or have the information needed from an old box of your contact lenses the process couldn't be more simple.

There are so many benefits to ordering your contact lenses, solution and eye care products online compared to buying from high street opticians. They include:

Achieve great price savings

Vision Direct seeks to provide high quality lenses at the lowest possible cost. We achieve this by purchasing directly from the best lens manufacturing firms in bulk. By doing so, we realise savings that are immediately passed to our customers, meaning that when ordering contact lenses by post you can enjoy reductions of 45% compared to high street shops.

It's Easy!

Convenience is king these days, so why head to the optician when everything can be arranged from the comfort of your desk at home. When you are familiar with your prescription, time can be saved by online ordering. There is also no need to travel to pick up lenses as well, a double saving.

We will remind you when to replace your lenses

We operate a handy recorder service which notes your purchases when you use our online checkout. Just key in when you'd like to reorder your vision essentials and we will send an automated reminder to your inbox, around 10 days prior to that date. The dates can be easily changed at any stage as well via your account settings.

No prescription needed

One of the great advantages of Vision Direct is that we can route our orders via our European site, Vision Direct BV. This means that if you know your prescription, but have mislaid the documents relating to it, you can still get hold of the lenses that you require. By routing orders via Europe, it is not necessary to verify UK prescriptions.

Industry-leading customer service

If you have any queries, our customer service team are experts in providing assistance and are totally familiar with everything in our range. Just give them a call at 01 513 4141, or drop them an e-mail at help@visiondirect.ie

You can also contact our in-house optician, who will be delighted to assist with any queries about your order. E-mail Benjamin at ben@visiondirect.ie