Tips on how to look after your eyes

Aside from visiting an optician regularly, there are a number of ways you can help maintain healthy eyes. If you’re a contact lens wearer, keeping your lenses clean and fresh is vital to maintaining your comfort as well as clear vision. This is especially important for monthly and weekly lenses, which need a thorough cleaning and storing routine with solution each night so that they stay safe and comfortable to wear.

Washing your eyelids is another great way to ensure your eyes stay in the best of health. Over the course of the day, it’s easy for dirt and debris to get caught in your eyes or for small protein deposits to build up. Eye wipes or washes can be used to give your eyes a thorough clean and make sure that they’re ready if you’re going to apply lenses.

If you find that your eyes are feeling uncomfortable during the day it’s a good idea to use eye drops, spray or another kind of eye wash to help soothe them. If they remain irritated, you should visit a doctor or ophthalmologist to make sure it’s not a symptom of something more serious.

Products to keep your eyes healthy

Eye drops:

There are a wide range of different types of eye drops on the market, some of which are ideal for treating itchy or dry eyes. They often use natural formulas to help soothe them and leave your eyes feeling fresh and comfortable for the rest of the day.

Dry eye treatment:

Dry eye treatments range from eye drops to sprays and wipes and are designed to treat dry and irritated eyes. These products often come in small bottles or simple, single-use vials and so they’re easy to transport in a pocket or bag, meaning that it doesn’t matter where you are, you can always enjoy comfortable eyes.

  • Eye vitamins: Nutrients such as lutein, zeaxanthin and Vitamins A, C and E have all been shown to be beneficial towards the general wellbeing of your eyes. Taking eye vitamins regularly is a great way to ensure that you’re getting a good dose of these helpful nutrients and that your eyes are in peak condition.
  • Eye wash and sprays: When using eye drops or a gel is a little bit impractical, an eye spray or eye wash is a great alternative. They’re easy to apply and will provide you with the same soothing and refreshing feeling that’s perfect for treating dry or irritated eyes.

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