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How to choose your eye drops

Over the counter vs prescription

Our range of eye drops are all considered ‘over-the-counter’ products. These are designed to treat common eye problems, like when they feel dry or irritated from your contact lenses or allergies. If your eyes start to feel worse, however, you should visit a doctor who can recommend more suitable prescription eye drops.

What seems to be the problem?

Dry eyes:

It’s quite common to experience dry eyes, particularly if you work in an environment that puts strain on your eyesight. You can get dry eyes for a variety of reasons such as using a computer screen for long periods, not getting enough sleep and dehydration. What isn’t well known is that dry eyes can actually impact the quality of your vision to as well as discomfort.

Eye drops provide lubrication by adding tear elements that are the same as those found naturally in your eyes. Because of this, they’re often referred to as ‘artificial tears’, perfect for keeping your eyes moist and hydrated over the course of the day.

Steer clear of using decongestant eye drops for dry eyes. These are designed for red eyes and can exacerbate dry eyes. If your dry eyes aren’t going away using lubricating drops, visit a doctor a doctor or an optician and they can recommend something more suitable.

Red eyes:

If you have red eyes caused by tiredness or focusing for long periods of time then decongestant eye drops can help you get a more healthy, white appearance. They are designed for cosmetic reasons and so if your red eyes don’t seem to improve or get worse you should seek medical advice. If you have red eyes you can try using dry eye drops first as they can sometimes be a result of dehydration.

Eye drops for contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses, every now and again your eyes might feel a little dry, particularly if you’ve been wearing them for long periods of time. We do suggest taking at least one day off contact lenses a week to help with this, but sometimes this just isn’t possible. Fortunately, there are eye drops for contact lenses to treat this problem ensuring your eyes feel healthy and that your vision is perfectly clear.

You can also use contact lens eye drops to give your lenses an impromptu clean during the day, but if you wear monthly or weekly lenses you’ll still need to use solution each night to sterilise them.

How to apply eye drops:

Once you’ve applied eyed drops a couple of times, you’ll find it quick and easy to do. If you are unsure, follow these simple steps as recommended by our head optician.

Our most popular eye drops

everclear Eye Drops, , primary

Everclear eye drops

These eye drops, exclusive to Vision Direct, offer fast and effective relief to dry or irritated eyes. Made with a formula that includes natural, herbal ingredients, the eye drops are perfect for providing you with fresh feeling and comfortable eyes whenever you need it.

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Hycosan Eye Drops, , primary

Hycosan Eye Drops

If you often experience dry eyes, then these preservative-free eye drops are perfect for soothing them. This formula boosts your eye’s natural eye moisture functions meaning that the relief you get from using them feels natural and lasts longer than other products on the market.

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Blink Contacts Bottle, , primary

Blink Contacts Bottle

Blink Contacts eye drops work by mimicking the eyes natural tears to provide instant moisture that will make your contact lenses feel more comfortable if they have started to dry out. Whether you wear soft lenses or RGP ones, these eye drops are perfect for keeping you comfortable throughout the day.

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Blink Contacts Vials, , primary

Blink Contacts Vials

Blinks Contact Vials are super convenient way of getting instant relief when you’re suffering from dry eyes. Each pack comes with 20 small vials filled with a solution that is perfect for soothing and hydrating dry and tired eyes. These are perfect for carrying on you as each 0.35ml bottle fits easily into your pocket.

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Hycosan Extra Eye Drops, , primary

Hycosan Extra Eye Drops

These eye drops are designed to tackle the most irritating cases of dry eyes so, if you regularly experience them, they can help you avoid the discomfort. Each bottle contains enough eye drops for up to 5 weeks of regular usage and will last for 6 months after opening.

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