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Please note, everclear ADM is not currently compatible with prescriptions for astigmatism or presbyopia.

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What are everclear ADM contact lenses

everclear ADM are super comfortable daily contact lenses exclusive to Vision Direct. Just like popular lenses such as Acuvue Moist and Dailies AquaComfort Plus, these lenses are made from soft hydrogel and are designed to keep your eyes moisturised and irritation-free for the entire day. While daily lenses are often a more expensive option, a 30 pack of everclear ADM is just £8.99. This wallet-friendly price means that you can enjoy the convenience of daily disposable contact lenses without the extra cost.

We know that contact lens wearing habits can change, so we don't believe in tying you down to a subscription or direct debit. That's why our everclear ADM trial is commitment-free. If you don't like them, you won't find a nasty surprise at the end of the month when you discover you've been signed up to a monthly order. So, whether you wear your contacts every day, regularly for sport or socialising, or just on special occasions, everclear ADM are the ideal choice for you.

How much could you save with everclear ADM?

You can save up to £168 switching from the bestselling Acuvue Moist!

Lens Per Pack Per Month Per Year
Acuvue Moist £15.99 £31.98 £383.76
Dailies Aquacomfort Plus / Focus Dailies £13.99 £27.98 £335.76
everclear ADM £8.99 £17.98 £215.76
Lens Per Year
Acuvue Moist £383.76
Dailies Aquacomfort Plus / Focus Dailies £335.76
everclear ADM £215.76

Why choose Vision Direct?

We think you'll love ordering from us for these reasons:

  • Next Day Delivery - Free when you spend €59 and over
  • Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00 Customer Service - Over the phone, online, email and on social media
  • No subscription necessary - Order what you need when you need it
  • Never forget to order - Helpful SMS and email reminders

Customer reviews


" These lenses are incredible for the price. So comfortable and keep your eyes moist all day! I order others but keep coming back to these! "
Review by Mark (30/10/2018)


" Very comfortable all day long and I can see just as well as with the dearer brand so very good value for money. "
Review by Christine (23/10/2018)


" Half the price of my previous lenses and just the same if not better quality. And delivered the next day! "
Review by Clare (19/10/2018)


" I went with Vision Direct's recommendation for these lenses and having only used a different brand for a number of years I was a bit wary to change, but I have to say these are fantastic! Extremely comfortable in the eye & a fantastic price, very happy I changed brand, will order again! "
Review by Rebecca (02/10/2018)