Caring for your contact lenses

Vision Direct is here to help you enjoy comfort when wearing your contact lenses. Our handy guide will tell you how to care for your lenses in a few simple steps. Need some friendly advice? Give our customer service team a call on 01 513 4141 or email us - help@visiondirect.ie. They’re available Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00 and Saturday from 9:00 to 17:30.

Why is it important to have a contact lens care routine?

Caring for your contact lenses helps keep you comfortable when wearing them and prevents damage to your eyes, which could lead to eye infections such as a chalazion or a stye.

Taking care of your contact lenses is simple, especially with the arrival of all-in-one contact lens solution and soft disposable lenses. You'll save money, time and effort using these systems and your lenses will receive proper care.

Consult your optician before changing your lens care routine, as not all products are compatible. Using incompatible products can result in serious eye problems and contact lens damage.

Why is it so important to care for your contact lenses?

Your eyes create proteins, which are deposited on your contact lenses. Cleansing removes some protein deposits, but the longer you keep your lenses, before replacing, the more protein build up they'll incur. Daily protein removal liquids and enzymatic cleaners are essential in such cases, although these products are not necessary if you wear daily disposable lenses.

Contact lens eye drops stop eyes from drying out, keeping them lubricated.

Eye sensitivities and allergic reactions to lens solutions can occur with some people. If you experience allergic reactions, choose products free of preservatives.

Cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting products

  • Saline solution is used to rinse and store lenses with heat and UV disinfection systems. It's also used in conjunction with enzymatic cleaning tablets or cleaning devices.
  • Daily contact lens cleaner can be used every day.
  • Multi-purpose solution cleans rinses and disinfects contact lenses.
  • Hydrogen peroxide solution cleans rinses and disinfects. Use it to store lenses also. Selected hydrogen peroxide system holders have neutralisers in place, while others are designed for usage with neutralising tablets.

Quick contact lens care tips

  • Keep your contact lens case clean. Rinse out between uses and dry
  • Once a week, scrub out your lens case using saline solution and a clean toothbrush kept specifically for this purpose
  • Throw away and replace your contact lens case at least every three months
  • Check contact lens expiry dates. Do not handle the bottle tips and make sure the bottles are properly sealed after use
  • Never share lens cases
  • Never “top up” solutions – always pour away old solutions, rinse and add new solutions. Never re-use old solution
  • Always wash your hands in hand wash if possible before handling your lens. Soap should be fine – but do you know what the last person to use it did with it? We advise anti-bacterial hand wash
  • If possible, get some lint-free tissues to dry your hands with. Normal towels and tissues leave small traces of fibre on your hands which can cause severe discomfort if transferred to the contact lens surface
  • Don’t sleep in your contact lenses – don’t even nap in them
  • Don’t leave your contact lenses in water. Any kind of water
  • Take great care with make-up (ideally using lid care wipes to remove your make-up)
  • It's recommended that you give your eyes a rest at least one day a week by wearing your glasses rather than lenses

Establish a regular routine of caring for your contact lenses

  1. Wash your hands well, as dirt easily transfers to contact lenses, increasing risks of eye infections. Avoid moisturising soaps and dry your hands with a lint free towel.
  2. Take one lens out at a time and clean with the recommended cleaning fluid. This removes built up waste produced from eyes as well as debris and cosmetics. Place the lens in the palm of your hand, covering it with cleaning solution. Rub it with your finger to effectively agitate and clean the lens.
  3. Rinse, making sure you remove all the solution and debris.
  4. Put your lens in a clean lens holder and fill up with fresh disinfecting solution. The disinfecting process kills microorganisms, removing them from the lens surface.
  5. Repeat steps from 1 to 5, for your second contact lens.

Need a bit more advice on caring for your contact lenses? Give our award-winning customer service team a call; they’re available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 21:00 and Saturday from 8:00 to 18:00 on 01 513 4141, or email help@visiondirect.ie.