7 top summer tips for contact lens wearers

Monday 18 June 2018 by Vision Direct

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Whether you’re jetting off to a sunny destination or anticipating the sun to hit our shores, it’s important to know how to maintain your lenses whatever the weather. We’ve come up with our top 7 tips for wearing contact lenses this summer.

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1. Travel in comfort

If you’re jetting off on a summer holiday and wear contact lenses, be aware that flying can affect your eyes. Air con and cabin humidity can rapidly dehydrate your eyes.

To counteract this, don’t forget to take eye drops or a rewetting agent in your hand luggage. Alternatively, consider switching to glasses, or if you’re on a long-haul flight switching to daily disposables will help prevent irritating build up.

The type of holiday you book determines which lenses you should look to pack. Daily disposables are great for short beach and city breaks - there’s no need for solutions or overnight storage - just wear during the day and throw away before sleep. For longer trips, like the traditional fortnight summer holiday, try two-weekly lenses. Monthlies are ideal for a longer stays.

2. Keep it portable

Bring a contact lens travel pack to keep your vision clear and comfortable when out and about. If you’re travelling abroad, or on a staycation a travel pack is a must.

We have various contact lens travel packs available. Most include enough contact lens solution to last a fortnight, handy storage cases and a clear travel bag, suitable for airport regulations.

3. Protect your eyes from UV

We all know the importance of protecting our skin from harmful UV rays, but sometimes the message to protect our eyes isn’t as well communicated.

If you’re a contact lens wearer it’s super important to shield your eyes from UV rays. The best way to do this is by combining sunglasses with contact lenses which have UV blocking technology. Lenses like everclear UV help limit sun damage to the eyes. Add a wide brimmed hat to your outfit, because when it comes to eye protection, 3 is the magic number.

This tip is applicable to any sunny or hot day whether at home or abroad. Even when the weather is overcast with cloud cover, UV light can still reach and potentially damage your eyes. So, always protect yourself.

4. Contact lenses and sun cream don’t mix

Getting sun cream in your eyes is never nice, but when you’re a contacts wearer, there’s an even more serious reason why you want to avoid sun cream in your eyes. Sun cream can potentially contaminate your contact lenses, leading to serious eye infections. So, be extra careful when applying sun cream around the eyes.

5. Remove your lenses before taking a dip

If you need to take a dip to cool off, remember to always remove your contact lenses beforehand. Forgetting to do so can cause harmful bacteria in the water leading to eye infections, irritation and dangerous eye conditions like corneal ulcers. Furthermore, swimming in contact lenses can cause your lenses to change shape, making them useless.

If you need your contact lenses at all times, you can choose to swim in daily disposables with secure a waterproof swimming mask or goggles to keep water away from your lenses. Prescription swimming goggles are also available and are ideal if you need to see clearly underwater, without refractive errors causing objects to blur.

We recommend you chat to your optician - or our own in-house expert, optician@visiondirect.co.uk - to see if this option is compatible with your prescription before purchasing.

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6. Sport

At home or abroad there’s often no better way to soak up the rays than getting active in the sun. Whether it’s beach volleyball, a casual game of footie in the park or a gentle summer’s day jog, there’s many reasons to choose lenses.

From the simple fact your view is completely unobstructed when wearing lenses (unlike with eye glasses), to the knowledge you’ll never break your contacts. How about one more for good measure, if you face any British ‘weather’ when wearing contacts, you won’t have foggy lenses or get annoying rain drops clouding your view.

7. We deliver overseas

You’ve just opened your suitcase and panic is setting in because you’ve completely forgotten your lenses, breathe, don’t worry, we deliver overseas. Our delivery to most European countries is as quick as 2-3 days. We even deliver to Spain in less than 48 hours. If you’re further afield, our worldwide delivery starts from only £4.98.

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