Is love at first sight real?

Friday 7 February 2020 by Vision Direct

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Picture the scene… the candles are on and so is the 'Best of Marvin Gaye' playlist, you're getting all glammed up for the big date, it can only mean one thing.. It's Valentine's day! The most romantic day of the year is finally upon us and we're all feeling the love here at Vision Direct. But there's one thing that's causing controversy in the office this Feb, and that's love at first sight- does it really exist? We know, we know classic eye expert convo, but does it really do any harm to see the world through rose tinted glasses, or even lenses!

Love at first sight, are you a believer?

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The idea of being in love with someone just from seeing them for the first time is magical, right? Our favourite rom-coms wouldn't exist without it. But you wouldn't find it surprising that there might be some scepticism around this theory.

Often, it's argued that it can't truly exist as we can never know enough about someone to fall in love with them after just a glance (even if Hugh Grant has built a career on it).

Also, what does it say about us if we're willing to fall for someone purely based on looks, surely personality is key?

Scientists VS Cupid: Sceptical study of love at first sight

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Researchers from the University of Groningen aren't fooled by romantic comedies and took a less enthusiastic view after a study a few years ago. They asked nearly 400 Dutch & German students to fill out a questionnaire on their current romantic relationship status. They were then asked to look at pictures of several people they'd never met: rate their level of attraction and describe any feelings of intimacy, passion or commitment they might be feeling. Participants were also asked if they agreed with the statement "I am experiencing love at first sight"

They also ran a speed dating event, where the participants were asked afterwards how attracted they were to their dates and if they thought it was love at first sight. After largely negative responses to both scenarios in terms of "love at first sight", they concluded it doesn't seem to exist. Instead they saw it as more likely that people remembered their strong initial attraction to one another and combined it with how they feel about their partner in the present to conclude that they fell in love at first sight.

Well, we're no love experts, eye experts on the other hand..

Well slow down for a second now, scientists. First of all, the situations used for this study were highly artificial, love at first sight is something that you'd expect to occur in a much more natural environment. Looking at photographs of someone in a university lab and thinking about whether you find them attractive is not really comparable to seeing someone across a crowded room and suddenly being sure that "they're the one". Have you never had the feeling of being surrounded by 100 people but only able to see 1? You hopeless romantics out there will know the feeling!

Plus we don't think these research experts have ever downloaded the Hinge app in hope of meeting 'the one'. Match at first sight is definitely a thing, and it's even better if the person looks the same in person as they do in their online profile. If you manage to swerve the dreaded catfish situation you only have to hope that you're as into their personality as you are their looks. Most people who describe their "love at first sight" moment will have probably communicated with each other before deciding they're 'the one'. With something as complicated and unscientific as love, it's really hard to design tests and studies that can prove anything about it. We say, if you believe that it was love at first sight, then it probably was, and we doubt there'll ever be science that can prove otherwise, as some chemistry just can't be explained!

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Playlist

Whether you’re spending tonight with your long- term love, getting ready for a hot date with your newest app match or having drinks with friends, this playlist might help set the mood. We're here to get you hyped, you can always count on the office DJs here at Vision Direct to deliver the ultimate Lover's playlist! Embrace the atmosphere with some classics by Pulp, The Monkees or even Stan Getz, light some candles (why not?), raise your glass to Cupid and get this party started!

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