5 easy Halloween costumes with coloured contacts

Monday 21 October 2019 by Vision Direct

Chucky Halloween costume

The season for gruesome tales, ghoulish apparitions, cackling witches - and above all, pumpkin spice lattes - has officially begun. Whether you've had an invite to a Halloween party, or are planning on having a spooky Halloween movie night, one thing's for sure: you'll need to look the part. Coloured contacts are a great way to elevate your costume, but you have to make sure your eyes aren't in for any scares.

Halloween coloured contact lenses

Spooky & safe

First, let's get the most important bit of housekeeping out of the way: there's nothing scarier than dodgy coloured contact lenses you can buy online. It might seem that having snake-patterned eyes is integral to your costume impact, but how does that feeling compare to the damage they can do to your eyes? Right, our thoughts exactly.

You need lenses that are made from materials that guarantee optimal levels of hydration and let enough oxygen through to your eyes. The same rules go for makeup: always make sure you use safe, non-toxic products. Two things you need to keep in mind when buying Halloween coloured contacts are: go for trusted brands (like FreshLook, Air Optix and Expressions Colors) and only buy from reputable retailers. We don't mean to brag, but we are Ireland's top choice for contact lenses, with thousands of happy customers the world over, so we've got that box ticked. Plus, we've got all you last-minuters covered with our Next Day Delivery (when you order before 4:00pm).

Now that's done, we can resume our scheduled spooktacular service: easy Halloween costume ideas that use quality, safe coloured contact lenses to enhance the eerie vibes. We looked to popular film characters for inspiration, and have just the safe coloured contacts you need to take on their iconic look. From top Halloween movies, to timeless classics and action heroes: these Halloween costume ideas are easy and impactful - so you can focus on casting those spells all night long.

5 easy Halloween costume ideas with coloured contacts

Pennywise IT costume

1. Pennywise The Clown, IT (2019)

A regular visitor in our nightmares for the past 30 years, Pennywise The Clown is a demon, who takes form in a clown's body and is full of sadistic tricks and brutal powers (the scariest string of words ever?). He's known for his bright hazel, almost-yellow eyes that come naturally with the demonic DNA, but you can achieve it with Expressions Colours in Hazel.

You'll also need: makeup/facepaint in white, grey and red, sharp finger gloves or stick-on nails, a clown suit - though minimalists could just go for a white collar and ruffled shirt combo.

Aquaman DIY costume

2. Aquaman, Aquaman (2018)

Imagine being the leader of a secret underwater kingdom who gets to save the world (and look amazing doing it?). Aquaman is a classic DC superhero, but he had an ultra-cool revamp for the 2018 hit action film that's given him pecs, scales, cool hair and creepy ice-white eyes. Add a supernatural dimension to your aquatic look with Freshlook Colorblends in Stirling Grey.

You'll also need: a tight-fitting, yellow long sleeve shirt you can draw scales on (the daredevils out there could just draw scales on their chests and arms), green gloves & boots, navy tights, a long wig (or healthy beach waves, if you've got them naturally) and a gold trident.

Maleficent DIY costume

3. Maleficent, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019)

Maleficent has not had it easy: betrayed by her one true love who cut off her wings to be made king, she lives a revenge-filled life in a magical forest realm. No wonder she keeps putting curses on everybody! Her look is severe and undeniably eerie, but also stylish and alluring. One thing sticks out from her overly black wardrobe: her chilling, captivating bright green eyes. Transform into a powerful fairy with Freshlook Colorblends in Gemstone Green.

You'll also need: her signature horns (we love Susy Sai's Maleficent headpiece tutorial using newspapers), red lipstick, contoured cheekbones, a long, tight-fitting black dress - and depending on the timeline you choose, black wings.

David Bowie Labyrinth DIY costume

4. Jareth The Goblin King, Labyrinth (1986)

Every entry on this list is about using coloured contacts as a way of adding a supernatural dimension to a look - but David Bowie's hypnotic dual coloured eyes were natural. In Labyrinth, the iconic musical fantasy film, Bowie played Jareth The Goblin King, the powerful ruler of an otherworldly maze realm. He is a master of disguise, using magical crystals to form orbs and create realistic illusions. Get David Bowie's legendary eye look with Air Optix Colors in Brilliant Blue and Grey.

You'll also need: A silver teased, 70's layered wig, ruffled white shirt, grey tights, knee-high boots, black leather gloves, and a round crystal orb, for all your illusions.

Chucky DIY costume

5. Chucky Doll, Child's Play Franchise (1988 to 2019)

An indestructible murderer doll that terrorises everyone crossing its path - how much deeper into the spirit of Halloween can you get? With a death toll of over 50 across 7 films (bound to increase with the upcoming remake), Chucky has wreaked undeniable havoc over the past 40 years. The scariest thing about this small reanimated toy are his superpowers, stemming from his bright blue eyes. Turn into the demented living doll with Freshlook Colors in Sapphire Blue.

You'll also need: Denim dungarees, striped long sleeve top, red addidas trainers, a dark red wig, brown or red lip pencil for the gruesome scars on his face and plastic knife.

Bonus round: Couples Halloween costume idea

Bride of Chucky DIY costume

6. Bride of Chucky

Why go as one reanimated killer doll when you can go as two? Get the demonic look of Chucky's Bride with Freshlook Colorblends in Green.

You'll also need: A white dress, long mulberry nails, blonde hair, a leather jacket and a psychotic attitude.

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