Eye care tips for decorating and gardening

Prep your peepers with our top eye care tips while tackling all your DIY projects. From safety goggles and gloves to masks and dealing with chemicals, we’ve got you covered with these handy hacks.

Eye care tips for decorating and gardening

Choose daily contact lenses

We won’t beat around the bush here - daily disposable contact lenses are undoubtedly the best wearing pattern to pair with your DIY activities, and your general life really. Say a lens gets dirty, rips or starts to irritate your eye, you can simply take it out, and put in a fresh, new one, as you have a whole pack to fall back on. Even better, the design of dailies is much thinner, meaning your peepers will continuously be pampered with more oxygen, and feel ultra-comfy from breakfast to bedtime. Compared to monthlies and , these lenses are really low-maintenance, require zero cleaning routine, and are ideal for those who like to wear their specs sometimes. If you’re sold and want to make the switch, just reach out to your optometrist and start the process.

Opt for safety goggles

A super-easy and cheap method of eye protection, safety goggles can be worn with your lenses. If you’re stuck for choice, you can’t go wrong with a pair made from polycarbonate, as they’re lightweight and sturdy, and resistant to scratches. Make sure that the goggles fit your face snugly, preventing any gaps where bits of debris or dust can get into your eyes. Post-project, your eyes might be feeling worn out from all the focusing, so pop out your lenses (with clean hands of course), and help them to relax with some simple exercises.

Go for gloves

A key essential to add to your DIY kit, gloves are great for working with chemicals and materials like paint. Luckily, if you’re a lens wearer, you won’t need to do any adjusting or have to push up your glasses midway through cleaning a drain or adding a splash of colour to your bedroom walls. The last thing you want to do is touch anywhere near your face, eyes or lenses, just after you’re finished. Make sure to give your hands a thorough wash with water and soap for at least 20 seconds, and dry them with a lint-free towel, banishing all nasty bacteria. Out of soap? Stock up on our nifty soap sheet packs, ideal for disinfecting your hands on the move.

Wear a mask

Tackling a task involving chemicals, or sanding down a Pinterest-inspired bookcase? Avoid any unpleasant accidents by wearing a mask and safety goggles. This way - you’re completely protected, and with the help of your lenses, can carry out your project hassle-free. Lenses are particularly handy when you’re wearing a mask, as they won’t fog up, block your vision and or get in the way like glasses. Freedom of movement is a big bonus of this eyewear, especially if your latest mission requires more agile motions like scaling ladders or knocking down walls.

Clear the air

If it’s possible - embarking on your latest DIY venture outside is a good step to avoiding any issues, and keeping your eyes free of harm. Plus, when you’re using chemicals - maybe to rid your flowerbed of pesky weeds - keep your face upwind and away from the sprayer. For projects restricted to the inside of your home like tiling the kitchen - open the windows and try to keep the space as well-ventilated and aired out as possible. Hazardous fumes are dangerous in general and can wreak havoc on your eyes, causing them to feel dry and irritated. To defeat any dryness while you’re in the DIY zone, have a bottle of eye drops nearby. Our in-house opticians recommend everclear Eye Drops, with a gentle-yet-effective formula, ideal for sensitive peepers.

Try everclear ELITE

Exclusive to Vision Direct, everclear ELITE lenses are super-comfy and convenient, with an ultra-hydrating formula to lock in moisture throughout your day. These daily disposable lenses, made with silicone hydrogel material, allow oxygen to pass through to your eyes, so they stay and look healthy for up to 12 hours. Wearers with dry eyes will benefit from the hydrophilic design, formulated to put an end to irritations and stop any itchiness. Plus, UV blocking offers an extra layer of defence against harmful sun rays.

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