Could your contact lenses feel more comfortable?

Are your contact lenses comfortable enough? You should always want the best for your eyes and your health, here’s a list of situations which might indicate you need to rethink your contact lenses.

Could your contact lenses feel more comfortable?

When you're still at the honeymoon stage of wearing contact lenses, you might think "that's it, I am settled for life". Life evolves, eyes changes and your eye care routine and lenses should adapt to fit your lifestyle. A comfortable contact lens should not be felt, and if it is, ask yourself a simple question: are your lenses actually comfortable?

One thing you might experience (unknowingly) is recurring dryness. Though eye drops do provide instant and effective soothing relief, don’t ignore recurring symptoms such as dry eyes. It's a bit like having a headache because you're tired, paracetamol will help you soothe the headache but you need to address the problem. It works the same for contact lenses, although eye drops are a great help to relieve symptoms, don't just mask the problem. Nobody should ever have to put up with uncomfortable contact lenses. There are simply too many technologies and materials nowadays for lenses to cause irritability. It's all about finding the one that best suits you. Here's a list of situations which might indicate you would benefit from trying some new contact lenses.

Working longer hours

Whether you just got the promotion you've been waiting for, or things just got busy at work, your day is longer than before and your eyes are definitely feeling the exhaustion and the hours spent looking at your screen. At the end of the day, you might feel dryness and sensitivity. If you can relate to this, it's best to contact your optician who will make sure your lenses and wearing schedule are still suited to your needs. They might advise you to switch to a more comfortable lens, such as daily disposable lenses.

Change of correction

Our eyes and vision change over time. However, these changes are often very small and indiscernible to you, but they might be the reason why your lenses aren’t as comfortable as they used to be. That's why it’s so important to book an eye test appointment at least every 2 years, and a contact lens check every year. This will allow your optician to make sure your eyes are still at their best health and that you still have the best lenses to suit your vision and lifestyle needs.

Changing makeup

Sometimes, contact lenses can become uncomfortable because of something as small as a change in your makeup routine or products you wear. First, you need to make sure the makeup you use has not gone out of date. Many people forget their mascara and eye shadow have an expiration date and sometimes use it way past its shelf life. Make sure your makeup is always up-to-date and hypoallergenic to avoid lens irritations. Don’t hesitate to take a look at our blog post for more advice about how to apply makeup when you wear contact lenses to make sure to protect your eyes from any irritations or infections.

Additional information

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