4 reasons to buy a year’s supply in one go

Thursday 17 December 2020 by Vision Direct

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You may be thinking that getting a year's supply of your contact lenses in one go is a bit of a hassle. Wrong! In fact, when it comes to your lenses - more is most definitely more. Everyone knows that buying in bulk helps you to save big, but that's especially true with us, as you can enjoy free superfast delivery when you spend €59 or more. If you're not convinced, stick with us, as we delve into the top 4 (of many) reasons why this is the best route to take.

Stock up to save big

In general, smart buying and stocking up will save you a lot of money - just like when you do a big weekly shop instead of popping to the corner store every day. At Vision Direct, we're all about that approach, and strive to help you save wherever possible - take a squiz at our voucher code page for example. This promo heaven of nifty discounts boasts a bounty of sizzling deals just waiting to be snapped up.

Our most MEGA one yet 'Spend €80, get €20 store credit' is really worth yelling about. All you have to do is stock up on your go-to contact lenses and eye care essentials to the value of €80 or more, use code TAKE20 at checkout, and we'll give you a whopping €20 store credit. So, a wearer of everclear ELITE like Mike who spends €29.98 per month on his lenses, and usually €359.76 per year, will end up saving an incredible €40 - sweet deal, right?

This party of promotions doesn't stop there! Our free lens replacement service is another no-brainer - we want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. And, those looking to dabble in a different dailies brand can make use of the free trial of everclear ADM - our bestselling, ultra-hydrating, affordable and comfy contact lenses.

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Prevent any last-minute panic

Picture the scene: you open your contact lens box and there are no blister packs. You search through every drawer and can't find anything - you've officially run out of contacts. Listen - we've all been there, and it sure is annoying. However, with a bit of pre-planning and by squirrelling away enough lenses a year in advance - you can say 'so long' to this struggle. Understandably, planning can be tricky, but you can rest easy knowing that you'll always use your lenses at some point or another. Whether you're cooking up a steamy storm in your kitchen (forget foggy glasses), or setting off on an early morning jog (hello freedom of movement), you'll have a substantial stock to fall back on.

Once things do pick up again, and last-minute dinner parties or weekend getaways overtake Zoom dates and online quizzes, then ticking contact lenses off your to-list will be a thing of the past. You'll no longer have to set an array of reminders or switch to your glasses when you really don't want to. But if you do like wearing your glasses sometimes, dailies are especially handy and cost-effective. You can pop in a new, fresh pair whenever you want without any waste, and enjoy majorly hygienic and comfy vision, without the fuss of a cleaning routine. For those who prefer a longer wearing pattern like monthlies, you should also stock up on solution: our opticians recommend everclear REFRESH All In One Solution, with its gentle and natural formula.

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Be more eco-friendly

Delivery is a service that we really do excel in: we've even opened a centrally-located warehouse to be able to get your order to you super-quickly and at an affordable price. But despite that, transport miles sadly increase our carbon footprint, which is why we encourage you to order in bulk. The larger your order, the fewer deliveries we'll have to make. And, of course, you'll never run low on your lenses again either. Plus, we'll use less packaging, which reduces waste as well.

Our eco-friendly approach extends to digitalising our delivery notes to save tonnes of paper every year, and educating our customers about the importance of disposing their contact lenses and packaging correctly. It’s essential to never throw away your lenses in the toilet or sink and to put your packaging and solution bottles in household recyclable bins. Remember that lenses and foil lids on blister packs aren’t biodegradable, and need to go into normal bins.

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Enjoy peace of mind

We know what you're thinking: what if I buy my lenses in one go and my prescription changes? Or I change my mind about my brand? Fear not - we've got you covered! We've extended returns to a whole year, giving you a 365-day return guarantee to return any unopened lenses in their original packaging. We'll refund you the amount they cost to the payment method used in a jiffy.

Our return process is easy-peasy! Just reach out to our Ireland-based customer service team - they'll tell you if you need to fill out a form (which, they'll send you), and then you can post your package to the given address, checking it's secure, and that you've included the returns form, and covered the postage costs. Keep your proof of postage, so we can help in case something goes wrong. If you're unsure of anything, our super-friendly team of eye care enthusiasts are available from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 20:00 and Saturday from 9:00 to 17:30, and always ready to help.

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